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About me

Before 2012, I used to help entrepreneurs establishing their business models, disrupting their industry either during University Projects or on my own. I also worked a year as an autonomous worker in the finance industry. This failed experience make me learned I wasn't a vendor but an adviser.


When I started as an IT Project Manager it was obvious to me that I wasn't of the traditional kind. In the same year I discovered agility, and it helped me put words on my actions. It was then clear that this is the path I wanted to take in this industry.

Fast forward 7 years, and here I am, an Agile Coach. For some this can be their endgame, for me, it is just another step in my journey. I still have a lot to learn either from my peers, newcomers or simply from the people I coach.

However, at this stage of my career, I am also ready to share my knowledge, be it through classes, blog posts, mentoring or conferences.

Stay tuned !

Coaching Agile

Although my motivation as a coach is to guide people towards more fun and efficient ways to deliver value to their customers, I also adhere to the concept of being an agnostic coach. How you do Agile is not as important as how you are Agile. So whatever framework, method, tools I can help you with, the destination, the outcome, matter most.



[2019 - ongoing] - Remote Delivery Center Manager (Momentum Technologies)

Various Customers, Quebec City, QC and Tunis, Tunisia

I decided to tackle the challenge of helping build and lead Momentum's Remote Delivery Center. Our aim is to help organizations to thrive in the context of labor shortage in the IT industry. Some customers already exprienced our ability to support them in keeping the pace with their products development, thanks to our team based in Tunis.

I also continue my role as an agile coach and help my organization develop its own agility.

Articles and Conferences

It is always a pleasure to find ideas to write about, especially when it allows me to share pertinent experiences, questionnings or accomplishments. I am mostly writing in french (and starting to write in english too). You can find some of my articles by visiting the following links.



Bachelor's Degree in Innovation Management

Paris, France



National Diploma in Technologie - Chemistry

Strasbourg, France


Attestation of Vocation Specialization - Start-up

Quebec City, QC, Canada


Professionnal Scrum Master I



MBA International Management

Quebec City, QC, Canada

Designing Gamification - LVL I




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